As usual with most Sai devotees who comment against exposers of Sai Baba's crimes, the following examples hide behind anonymous 'titles'. These comment were on the Times of India article 'Threat to life of Sai Baba's Caregiver & Personal Doctor'.

Misinformed, superficial and misguided persons continue to cast their slanderous opinions about dissidents who have experienced and found out the facts about Sathya Sai Baba. I, Robert Priddy, am a favourite target for all devotees who want to 'shoot the messenger' - hoping that 'enough mud will stick'. I have variously (and without any evidence or truth) been accused of the same sexual crimes that I have investigated in Sathya Sai Baba. This is the cheapest and most transparent kind of slander, always from anonymous persons (with the exception of Lisa de Witt who long hid her identity behind a username until exposed by someone). These attackers invariably hide their identities behind contrived user names, especially when their words or pen names show that they are Sai devotees themselves. They do not have the courage of their conviction to stand forth like decent citizens, but use the internet to attack, not unlike little boys who ring on doorbells and run away. Some few of the countless instances of on-line attacks against me are showcased here (no time to include more than a small percentage of the hate comments and e-mails sent to me accusing me of hate, which I do not feel or express. Some loathing, plenty of disdain, yes... but not hate).

These unscrupulous or deluded and somewhat deranged persons never bother to investigate what I have actually written but jump on some slander they read (such as by Gerald Moreno) or statement of mine taken out of context and twisted to malign me, as they do to diverse other prominent dissident activists. This speaks loud about the morality of such 'devotees'.

Another category of libelers are those who state that they do not believe he was divine, but a good human being, as in one example from comments on a Times of India article, on-line for 2 years at least, found at

The comment on the right is typical of Indians who are in favour of Sathya Sai Baba because of the good things that were done in his name (though overwhelmingly by good people who contributed funds, time, energy because they believed in him). Kochu1, saying he is no devotee of SB, "respects him greatly". I agree that he did do something for India, though his motives have turned out to be more and more suspect despite all the very find words he utered, especially about himself and his allegedly enormous service to mankind which would regenerate India morally and lead the world to a new moral Golden Age etc.. However, how can one respect a man who claimed constantly that he alone was pure (despite all the massed evidence to the contrary), who was the creator and owner of the universe, beyond the ken of anyone even after thousands of years of investigation and yet more and more fantastic claims and predictions (almost none of which have been fulfilled)? To respect an unrestrained liar and abuser of faith? Even if one will not study the very strong evidence about his presiding over murders of devotees in his temple, or the widespread and many alleged sexual abuses of young men and boys, the testimony for which which only a person in the most extreme denial can doubt, should he deserve unstinting praise? Dr O. P. Sudrania has been exposed as a hypocritical dilettante who is in total denial of all the facts about Sathya Sai Baba's sex abuses

The bogus claim that I advocate the use of 'drugs', am a 'drug-user' is entirely false. It is based on the outright falsities and contrivances written by Gerald Moreno (such as on his countless attack web pages and blogs, incl 'robert-priddy-exposed'). Consider the following excerpt from the on-line work of the author of Kevin R.D. Shepherd (ref. 'The Sai Baba Movement')

"Moreno has sourly attempted to eliminate Priddy from serious consideration by referring in a libellous manner to that retired academic’s long past experimentation (in the 1960s) with LSD, formerly documented by the experimenter in glowing terms. Priddy posted three LSD articles on the web in the 1980s. He has since frowned upon any resort to LSD, and identifies his web testimonies to LSD experimentation in terms of a lack of resolution incurred by devotional thinking. The obsessive anti-Priddy argument of Moreno is not at all convincing, even to those like myself who are strongly opposed to the use of LSD. See Ex-Devotee Robert Priddy. For Priddy's view of the attacker, see Gerald Moreno.

In the July 2007 update to my original Wikipedia Issues webpage, I took exception to the Kevin Shepherd and Robert Priddy slur that Moreno had just begun to promote on one of his pseudonymous blogs bearing the name of Equalizer. On the same blog Moreno had entered two early compositions of Priddy about LSD, and was misrepresenting him. Those articles were eulogistic of psychedelic experiences but contained clear warnings, including the statement: “all psycho-chemicals of this nature should be avoided.”

I made a point of telephoning Priddy to ascertain his exact position on LSD, and he assured me that the warnings understate his later phase of deliberation on this subject, occurring after he had written his pro-Sai book Source of the Dream (1994), which also briefly mentions his LSD resort in 1963. Priddy now strongly repudiates that book and his phase of subscription to the claims of Sathya Sai Baba (lasting until the late 1990s). He told me that he had eliminated his LSD articles (three in all) from his website because he needed the space for more important matters relating to Sathya Sai, and also because he no longer rated the articles."

kochi1 on Times of India comments