Among the many deluded persons who believe that Sathya Sai Baba will resurrect himself is Waris J. Faridi of San Antonio Sai Center. One would expect that a self-proclaimed Sai devotee would show at least a minimum of civility towards those who do not accept his delusions. Not so, for he sent the following comment to me on my wordpress blog site as folows:-

Waris J Faridi
Sai baba already has emerged and made his 1st public appearence in Kadaikanal for several days with 150 people present . You all fallen devotees are about to fall flat on your face so bad that you will knock all your teeth out.

Since I do not adhere to Sai Baba's many pronouncements on how one should also "speak softly and sweetly" (as any Sai Baba devotee absolutely ought to do), nor to Sai Baba's creed that that criticism of others is a great sin, or that one should respect all faiths, it was no problem for me to reply to him as follows:-
Waeis Faridi hate e-mail

As is the general rule with such rancourous devotees of SB, Mr. Waris did not reply, for what could he say that would not show him up yet further? Read about the alleged 'invisible' appearance of the ghostly Sai Baba at Kodaikanal in 2014 here.

He is presented as 'a scholar', but we can safely assume - since he has not published any articles or books one can discover - that his studies were limited and probably to religious and suchlike circles because he gives talks on a wide variety of spiritual subjects including Meditation, Advaita, Esoteric Buddhism, Vedic philosophies, Theosophy and Sufism. He is listed as 'Vice President of Sathya Sai Baba Center in San Antonio, Texas'. He is somewhat younger than I, but - with his proclaimed 'spirituality', should know better than to dirty his own doorstep with his nasty bombastic taint. It is not the ex-devotees who have fallen, but the bogus Deity of deities, eelf-proclaimed Sai Baba.

Waris J. Faridi has been religiously indoctrinated and a strict Muslim from birth, but also got involved with other religious movements including theosophy (another deeply flawed and failed 'spiritual' fantasy teaching which their proclaimed 'Maitreya', Jiddu Krishnamurthi, had already exposed for what it was, based on Madama Blavatsky's sick imaginings and fictions ). It is clear he had never had the benefit of a scientific or humanistic background.

Further, like so many others, his knowlege of Sai Baba was evidently absorbed mainly from others than the man himself as he states on-line:- "Waris J Faridi: I never got an interview, but I did have some very strong and powerful dreams. Especially there was a period of time between '88 and '90 that I had the most dreams of Him and they were all very powerful dreams."
Had he been at a few interviews, he may have had a better idea of the man and his many failings… but the fascinated and already convinced devotee has low chances of seeing the light and realising the depth of deception and crime. He had many powerful dreams, he says, but so did I (over 300, all recorded immediately - some key dreams reported in my book 'Source of the Dream'). These dreams, however, are self-generated through concentration on the guru and all involvements with his sphere, the details of which eventually become apparent when one has had sufficient insight into and involvement with a wide range of psychological disciplines and has begun to take a critical standpoint. Unfortunate people also come to confuse mental imaginings with reality. I actually got bored with the interviews and many personal contacts I had with SB through 18 years, and my perceptions of Sai Baba suffered greatly when I afterwards understood his techniques and saw though his many subtle deceptions, having been jolted out of my faith and trust by the deep confidences of one of his very closest servitors, his troubled journal editor, V.K. Narasimhan.