The following e-amil was received from one of Sai Baba's besotted admirers

CASS SMITH, Sai Baba devoteeCass Smith with Sai Baba

My reply by e-mail was:-

Since you claimed my attention, I shall provide it adequately, also on-line. Your succinct e-mail stating "What a jerk you are" says more about you than I. It would make a better Cass Smith song title than others I have seen, since singing love to a dead pedophile, murder accomplice, charlatan and massive deceiver is hardly going to make your name.

It is reprehensible for anyone who claims to be a spiritual aspirant of Sai Baba's brand to call people names, don't you think? SB often preached that abuse of others was self-abuse, but he indulged in it himself, both verbally and physically (see Professor Haraldsson's e-mail to me (You do know what 'jerk' means?) He held that criticisms arising from ill-will, envy etc. are baseless. (Applies in some cases, such as yours, but is another typical SB false sweeping generalisation). You do not realise that I am defending through true information the weak and vulnerable, of whom hundreds have sought my help and advice. You are blind in what you choose to believe regardless.

I can recall when you were irritating many people down at Prashanti in the '80s strumming your few chords on your guitar and singing tunelessly. Your call one day for others to join you I avoided like the plague, as I had already been a professional guitarist and owned a recording studio...

Cass Smith's composition  'My Sweet Lord' Cass Smith has put up a YouTube video with himself singing 'My Sweet Lord' which was written and performed by George Harrison of the Beatles. Yet Cass Smith has credited the words, music and performance to himself! What does this say about him... a plagiarist who is so dumb that he even claimed he wrote the words of one of the most famous and best-selling devotional songs in the world?

See full info. from the YouTube video:-

On the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Books and Publications Trust web site ( we find an account of Christmas Eve at Prashanthi in 2010, where we alo read:-

"Cass Smith spoke of His Love quoting Samuel Sandweiss from his famous book, Sai Baba, The Holy Man and Psychiatrist. A musician by himself, Smith strummed his guitar to produce three gems of musical pieces, concluding with the his popular song, "I keep feeling your love...". He also narrated a wonderful experience that happened at Brindavan, sharing how Bhagawan miraculously cured him of an 'ear-mishap'."

This gem - his 'popular' song was popular, perhaps, after he had been singing since the 1980s at Prashanti and at Sai centres all over the place (but that song scored only 25 likes on YouTube. Much better, however, than th 3 likes for his stolen version of George Harrison's mega-popular song! What went wrong there, one wonders?). I can well believe that he had an "ear mishap", but that it was cured by Sai Baba is far more doubtful, fancy and the desire to seem blessed (and that it be known) are very strong among Sai devotees. Whatever happened to his ear we cannot read, but perhaps we should think in terms of 'cloth' and 'tin'?