A devotee who apparently thinks Sai Baba must have done something to every critic? He deceived me on a large scale, as he did with everyone else. That is enough to denounce him.

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why are you so mad with baba what has he done to you sir?

My reply to Maria B. Balroop (location Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago IP

Thanks for asking your question. However, you are mistaken to think that I am mad with Sai Baba, except in a righteous way of wanting to see justice done and have him contained and exposed for what he really is, not at all what he claims... not in many vital respects. He has nonetheless given massive reason to many, many people to be mad with him. If you have read thoroughly, you will understand the suffering he has caused and is causing to so many.... for a start, consider his many decades-long abuse of defenseless sexual victims among students, young men and boys, then the various murdered young men and their once totally devoted families... all thrown on the junk heap, some after 20/30 years service in the ashram! However, I understand very well how many people do not wish to know anything about it, and fear the consequences. That is, however, a trap. And I was nearly as brainwashed (including through his various siddhi powers - which are doubtless NOT divine) as other devotees for about 18 years, so it took me four years of further investigations before I could even begin to draw conclusions as to the validity of many of the claims about SB. If you will not even consider that this can be true, then I am truly sorry for you, as I am sorry for all the good people, and also the indifferent and bad ones (who however seem to dominate the movement). I am willing to back up everything I have written unless genuinely I have made some mistakes here and there and it can be proven otherwise to my satisfaction. You see, I learned what no one is supposed to know *except SB's real confidantes, the inner circle) ... and I didn't originally want to find out such things... but was told by his very close 'follower', the famous journalist and later poor, trapped V.K. Narasimhan, who SB misused so badly in the end, who was to me exactly like an elder brother and told all. Narasimhan was the only person who could correct Sai Baba in discussion and in writing and even make him change his teaching on important points!! He was essential to SB keeping a hold on the real world, which he has now lost (as his discourse show so clearly) , now being surrounded only by sycophants who dare not say boo to a goose.

The many person involved in exposing SB need my continued support. for I happen to have a certain expertise relevant to the current situation, which is to have a precise and extremely retentive memory, have had many experiences with SB and access to facts beyond what most devotees get (also read my book blessed by SB, 'Source of the Dream' and still on sale at Sai Towers or Weiser Inc.), a training and ability to separate fact from fiction, however complex (due to scientific, philosophical and spiritual studies all my life) and I have learned to write with accuracy and precision. I can also say, with complete honesty.

This is all I have time to answer you personally... the rest of the answer to your question you can find on my and other websites, and there are many very balanced and convincing statements by well over a hundred ex-devotees, many long-term leaders and founder members of Sai Org., including those of over 20 victims of SB's sex abuse.. *you probably know http://home.no.net/anir/Sai/enigma already.
Sincerely, Robert

Maria Balroop also wrote a comment about Sai Baba's miraculous materialization of vibuthi and that we who expose him can never win. I replied:-

Vibuthi. So what? Hundreds of swamis seem to 'materialise' vibuti, and Sai Baba is also definitively known to fake many of his 'productions' by sleight of hand. Eg. Swami Premananda made tons but is in jail for life for murder and rape. Siddhis are not proof of Supreme Godhood. You are carried away by paranormal phenomena as many ex-devotees were. Nothing can remove Sai from under the shadow of evidence of massive pederasty and the unsolved murders in his bedroom.

You say we can never win. Win what... the Gold Cricket Cup! We are simply disseminating true information about your guru's fraudulent deceptions and cover-ups. You should believe that the truth always wins. The world can NEVER accept that Sai is what he claims to be. Anyone who believes it is simply ignorant of the world and-or deeply deluded.


(NOTE: That the truth always wins is not my personal viewpoint. The truth is often covered up and most likely never comes to light... it is impossible to know that the truth always wins out. However, it may be buried for a long time and then come to light. But there is nu guarantee or proof of this.)