A  Sathya Sai Baba devotee makes unsupportable claims
Mark Sullivan (USA) helps add to Sai Baba's nototious reputation

The following exchange of mails with a Sathya Sai Baba 'devotee', Mark Sullivan of the USA, who first mailed me, apparently typifies the attitude of rather too many Sai believers, which all made me feel relieved I am no longer in the same company as him!

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Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 4:41 AM Subject: Sai Baba

If you were so sure about Baba to write about him once and now sure to write about Him in the opposite manner...seems to me you are just a confused soul and one not to be listened too in either case......mark

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Well, Mark... One lives and learns!! Or some do, but most Sai devotees don't learn much at all. If you base you ideas on such a flimsy conjecture about me, you are really VERY confused. It took me 20 years of constant devotion before I found out the truth, firstly from V.K. Narasimhan (his closest advisor for 20 years!), which I have documented VERY soundly and I swear by all the scriptures and what is holy that all I assert is true. No one has been able to refute a single sentence! See the overwhelmingly full facts on this website!

Do you believe in the magnetic feet attracting the entire world of humanity and the earth itself?
Do you swallow the lies about his hip injury - cured by modern surgery, not by prayers... and not cured as well as in most hip replacements where patients stand the first day and can walk away fully cured in 2 to 3 weeks?
Do you believe the utter rubbish Sai talks about atoms (complete ignorance of physics!)
Do you not know as many now do, that Sai Baba was well known locally to be an active homosexual since teenage and that he IS a major abuser?
Have you not investigated what Sai did while his brother blackmailed the police into executing the four devotee boys?
Do you have compassion for the abused victims? Or are you a brain-washed 'turn a blind eye no conscience' type?
Can't you see how many contradictions there are in the teachings and between so many of Sai's actions and what he says about them?
Think about it!

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I sorry you were offended....I just gave you an observation.....if it took you 20 years to figure something out....who is the slow learner?......why say that Baba's devotees don't learn much at all?.....some very learned individuals are Devotees and I'm sure you don't even know 5% of them.....as > for living and learning that seems to be whats life's about, just don't assume you have learned it all about Baba or any thing else...thats just Ego as you know....I would wonder more about what Baba's dream about "dealing with you later' has in store....I'm sure it will be very special..........mark

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Yes, I may only have known ca. 5% or less of the ca. 300,000 to 500,000 actual followers of Sathya Sai Baba (i.e. who actually visit him), many hundreds of people in 20 years involvement yes... but it included many of the closer and more prominent ones. I once knew practically all the leaders in the Sai Org., either personally or by hearing them at conferences and through mails, writings etc., I was very patient and understanding, but they proved more than enough. With very few exceptions, they turned out to be distasteful characters without respect for other in action... this is the judgment of dozens of people I knew in the movement, also eventually became mine.

Who are the very learned people around Sai Baba, I wonder. I have NOT been impressed... letters after one's name are not what it's about. I can tell you that V.K. Narasimhan was of much the same opinion... And I do not know of one top achieving scientist in any field follows Sai Baba (though the publicity tries to make nonentity devotees into 'famous' people), and certainly not one religious leader from any major religion. I do not claim to know everything, my field is philosophy, which is also why I can still learn and have a truly open mind ... unlike devotees who claim to know that Sathya Sai Baba is omniscient etc. etc. What rot! What presumptions! You do not know me even... how can you know Sai Baba. The many with 'big diamond rings' dare not get expert assays... the ring baubles have been supplied to Sathya Sai Baba by a certain inconspicuous Indian 'gentleman' for many years who has been identified by the students... he walks regularly into the interview room through the crowd! There is no documentary proof that ONE diamond of any size is genuine, but there are some lies spread about by those who wish it believed. And warnings from Sathya Sai Baba. I got my 6 carat 'green diamond's assayed by one of Europe's top experts. Now the Queen of England's personal jeweller (probably the person with access to most unusual diamonds in the entire world) is going to examine it too... because these kind of rings are selling in the Maharishi movement for overblown prices. What kind of 'learned people' dare not learn the facts, when they have at last been reliably tipped off?

Twenty years is quick learning compared to the great majority of Sai devotees. The secrecy is so great around Sathya Sai Baba that 20 years is not enough for most foreigners to learn what is going on. The propaganda is all-to-wall and after the 'honeymoon' (if any) all the brain-washing is done by the devotees themselves. But it gets tougher and tougher to rationalise his lies and boasting, ignorance and criminal acts.

You are evidently disturbed by what I have to tell, and I am sorry that this is so. I was greatly disturbed... but the reason is that I am telling true facts and I am not responsible for them, Sai Baba is. and evidently you believe that Sai baba is what he claims, which he most certainly is not.

I am dealing with Sai Baba now, also in my dreams. He has admitted to me in a dream that he IS a 'bad man' and numerous other things. His name is indelibly marked as a major deceiver and abuser of faith, all by his own words and actions. Anyone still in his senses (AFTER the exposure of him on so many, varied counts) realises that the world will NEVER accept him as he claims it will... When will he lift two mountain ranges...?? Or fly through the sky? And so on ad infinitum...
You seem to take pleasure at the idea that Sai Baba will "deal with me". This shows me clearly what is really in your own heart!
Sincerely, Robert

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Robert: Your mistaken...I don't take pleasure in whats in store for you, whatever that might be.....odd you should say anything about the diamonds...my brother-in-laws was just looked at by a very experienced assayer in the D.C. area....He said it was the most perfect diamond He had ever seen....believe what you want.....like I said anyone who publishes anything touting both spectrums of an issue....is obviously someone who is confused.....and someone best to not pay attention too in either case.......have a pleasant life......mark

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Mark Sullivan, The very fact that you mentioned the 'threat' from Sai Baba as a concluding riposte shows your disingenuity. Your careful wording of how to convey it does not clear you... I am not so easily fooled after all, you see! You expected that I'd be intimidated by it. The whole tone of your first mail gives you away for what you are... Well, the dream has other explanations. All involved devotees I have ever met are literally very scared of crossing Baba, even with the truth! This shows upon what his supposed 'compassion' is based. Sathya Sai Baba is a bluffer... even if one of the most successful ever. He has recently called those he has sexually abused demons, Judases etc. He lost his cool... he has long known that he would be found out (hence predictions) and his bluff was called!

But the truth protects those who hold to it... not those who put their heads in the sand and seek personal benefits (blessing, realisation, liberation ha ha... as promised by all such gurus in India). I do not believe that your brother-in-law's 'diamond' was assayed properly. If the encasement was not opened, it could not be fully tested. These stones do not become at all luminescent when subjected to ultra-violet light, as all genuine diamonds do.

If your brother-in-law has proper documentary evidence of this from a known diamond expert, then he should publish it. Who is this "very experienced assayer"? No one can ever produce real evidence. It sounds like the 'assays' that Kanheia Jee (Head of Admin. at PN for decades) got from the head of Tata Industries (who simply looked at it, nothing more!, and said to Jee (he told me) "it must be a diamond") or that Robert Bruce claims an Australian expert on opals made by just looking at his green stone (almost identical to mine), who valued it at between $5 and $6 million. Complete and total rubbish. $20 in India is more like it! Various others have taken diamonds to assayers... such as David Bailey, Andreas K. Dagneaux... My assay with Queen Margarethe's personal jeweller was all filmed in every detail. It will eventually be incorporated in exposé film footage. Let us see your 'assayer' risk his reputation in the same way! He never will!! Your mind-set - and doubtless your brother-in-law's too - is too distorted by all the manipulations to which every devotee is inevitably subjected (many unknown to you). No one who deceives on the scale that Sathya Sai Baba does can possibly be an all-good, compassionate, caring God!!
Sincerely, Robert

(Mark Sullivan was sent this webpage plus the linked photos of Mr. Peter Hertz, jeweller to Queen Margarethe of Denmark, myself and the so-called "green diamond ring" given to me by Sathya Sai Baba.)

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Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 5:40 PM Subject: Well, who is this mystery assayer?

Mr. Sullivan, We challenge you to put up the name and address of the "experienced assayer" who you say "is in the D.C. area". And of your brother-in-law who holds this 'most perfect diamond' he has ever seen. So we can carry our own investigations. It's a case of 'put up or shut up.'

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Subject: Re: Well, who is this mystery assayer?

And the purpose would be to what?....to change your mind?...so you can write another book the other way.....sorry....it doesn't matter to me.......like I said have a good life.....mark

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Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 7:10 PM
Subject: It's for the expose website, where your mails will interest!

Mark Sullivan, I note that "believe what you want" is your philosophy. You can keep it and more pity you. The bigger they believe, the harder they fall. It is not mine... I always aim for truth, but not blind belief.

You can still send the name and address of this 'very experienced assayer' and a photo of the 'perfect diamond' etc. to help save your credibility. How many carats is it? What value? How does it rate on the international scale for clarity? Does it not have silver foil enclosed behind it to make it shine (all opened so far do)? Common sense tells us that you can't meet the challenge because you don't want your brother-in-law's ring exposed too! Either you have the full documentation with technical evaluation of quality by international benchmarks etc. or else you are bluffing... i.e. pretending something that is uncertain at best.
Your kind of attitude is quite typical and very well known to all of us ex-devotees who have freed ourselves from the need to pretend other than we feel, think, see, hear, speak, know in the Sathya Sai Baba cult. Your alienated 'have a good life' stuff is in conflict with what you project (or should I also say 'tout'?) elsewhere in your mails. I can also recognise 'Prashanthi correct-speak' in your various mails. You can't be nice enough, you but you can't conceal how you really feel. Such double morals are a result of the fix you are in... the beliefs founded overwhelmingly on reported experiences (and usually on some of one's own, however over-interpreted, 'mind boggled' but largely projections of oneself. Learning this is probably the hardest part of "self-realisation" to have to go through, sooner or later).

You are confused indeed since you think I am "touting both spectrums of an issue". My pro-Sathya Sai Baba book cannot be withdrawn as I do not own the world rights and the crooks in Puttaparthi publish it for their own profit only. All my websites are now - since I finally found out (unlike you) - showing the other side of Sathya Sai Baba. (Old articles are there just to show that I was once his most frequently-favoured spokesmen in Sanathana Sarathi). Again, as to my credibility, you jumped to some very wide-reaching conclusions from a few misinterpreted facts.

You are in a mindwash fix, and no one in such a fix can by definition yet recognise the fact. You can't refrain from engaging in controversy! What does your Lord and Master say of this? He does not advise such defences of himself (except because he is failing now he does to Goldstein in private, that is). On the contrary he condemns such contentious behaviour and the attitude you show most thoroughly. It all works as part of keeping you in line and denying your actual self, to his 'glory' and profit. Nevertheless, your mails now earn a place on an exposé website as another curiosity... as to how so many Sathya Sai followers actually are in real life.
Sincerely, Robert

From the start, I decided to respond to to test my intuition about this offensive individual and perhaps to develop an opportunity for public entertainment while remaking some valid points on the way. Mr. Sullivan vented spiteful feelings and, when confronted, tried to backtrack... in blatant hypocrisy. By not answering anything frankly and never dealing specifically or at all convincingly with any of the facts or criticisms of Sathya Sai Baba he proved himself a man on the run from reality. This he has in common with virtually all those other devotees and leaders in the Organisation who now and again can't refrain from taking a swipe at Sai Baba's critics.
The huge weight of exposé evidence since 2000 has created a completely new 'learning situation' as regards Sathya Sai Baba, and some have learned from this, but most wish neither to learn, hear or see anything of it. There are, of course, reasons for their constant policy of avoidance... because the criticisms are truthful and valid and cannot be refuted without more deceit and lies. Mark Sullivan had to withdraw from the challenge to produce evidence he claims exists (about a diamond given by Sathya Sai Baba), which just shows again how horribly fishy these deceits smell. A colleague just reminded me that this Mark has tried to make his mark once before, by mailing the JuST petitioners, as follows:-

From: MSull84846@aol.com To: justseekers@hotmail.com Subject: Sai Baba Petitions Date: 25 Feb 2003 16:19:47 EST

Your a bunch of idiots......why not get a life...and see if that is more of a worthwhile endeavor....than signing petitions.......if any of you really knew anything about Sai baba you wouldn't waste your time....a flea on an elephant..thats what you all are............Mark

Almost needless to say, but for some days nothing further has so far been heard from Mr. Sullivan. He has backed off against force majeure, the truth! I still contend no proper proofs of genuine diamonds from Sathya Sai Baba exist or will likely prove to come forth ever. This exemplary Sai devotee holds much the same idea about critics that every Sai devotee nowadays who hides from the massive evidence seems to hold! But he just had to try to slur me for the rebuke he once got from me in answer to the above mail. It further reveals his motives... along with the obvious fact that he has been reading quite a few of my web pages very closely to try to find a point he might make to get back at me! He evidently fondly fancies that we critics have something in store for us. But we do not quake like devotees cast 'out of favour' by this crowing 'all and ever compassionate Almighty God'. This same panjandrum who has actually cried in public when he evidently had been unable to help his own dying younger brother to reach the age of 100 (as he has claimed for those close to him, mostly falsely too anyhow) This is the same younger brother, Janakiramiah, who he allowed to blackmail the Puttaparthi police into executing four young men in his own bedroom in 1993 and who all covered up the truth and perverted the course of justice.
Mr. Sullivan's 'elephantine' pseudo-god is observably in limping decline, both physically and mentally, and has lost most of the 'avataric' powers of kinesis etc. he reportedly once had and by taking to faking his 'materialisations' (while continuing to share his bedroom with young men). Sathya Sai Baba's lies are so many and obvious now that it is hardly worth even keeping up with them any longer. Mark, and others like him, are among the few representatives of Sathya Sai Baba who stand forth to try to support him against the documented facts! But in vain! They only serve to blacken Sathya Sai's growing bad reputation further!