The following comment to 'get a life' appeared n my wordpress blog inbox:-

Aaditya Bhaskar - spammer/timewaster .
My reply: I have a fine life and am 100% satisfied with what I know and do. There are thousands who contacted me about Sai Baba abuses, and I have helped them not least by exposing the lies, corruption, bribery, deception, fraud, sexual abuse and murder he was behind. You seem too obsessed with Baba (who you absurdly think you know was God) to care about such things, which is an attitude found very widely among India devotees during my 18 years as leader in Norway’s Sai Org,. It is devotees who are the obsessed (what they certainly do not understand and are in denial about). It just happened that I became the expert who had the total documentatios of all Sai Baba materials and of all his massive failings, deceptions, sex abuses and other crimes, which caused me to be asked to lead the on-line exposé. Their huge encouragement and pleas to continue led to me accepting the duty.
Glad to take this small opportunity to make my case briefly again, for the benefit of those with open minds.