Numerous postings appeared on guestbooks, boards etc. under the name 'Annica' in the period from 2000 to ca. 2003. She used an anonymous IP much of the time, and would sometimes use false names (eg. sara goldstein, Iopress). She wrote at least one zealous article for the Sai hagiographic magazine in Puttaparti, Sai Impressions, for a while, and also started the now defunct opportunistic website She slandered various critics of Sai Baba see here and Swedish Conny Larsson in particular, who she knew well when he was aslso still a Sai follower. It became known that Annica's real identity is Annica Karkkainen. Her full name was Annica Pia-Mia Karkkainen (but sometimes she gave her middle name as Pia-Lena - in addition to cover names like 'sara goldstein' and more, though - reportedly in an attempt to avoid prosecution on various counts for which she was charged in India and the USA, she later changed her name by deed poll to Annica Saint Moritz Jourdeaux (also alternatively Jourdaine, as cited by the corporation that sued her). She libelled the ex-follower Glen Meloy and Conny Larsson on Quick Topic (see an excerpt below - website since discontinued by the webmaster, David Lane) and also a Swedish psychologist ├ůsa Samsioe and myself on her website ( - having been identified as the original owner and webmaster of the long since removed aggresively pro-Sai Baba website 'saionline), She used various pesudonyms, but it became clear from the contents of some of her postings there that this was Annica herself. Scan of posting by Annica against Conny Larsson, a major former devotee and later exposer of Sai Baba's sex abuses (which he suffered himself) and fraud etc.:-


Annica clearly gave away her identity through this posting, as various former devotees from Sweden and india recognised her in it. I therefore exposed here in a webpage on the Internet for her known deceptions, alleged embezzments of a charity in Puttaparthi and of devotees there in bogus property deals sins, and pointed out how she was sued by a US company for copyright theft (she fled from the States thereafter). She blatantly refused to apologise to Conny Larsson for her false representation of him (which has been shown definitively to be so after the virtual collapse of the Swedish Sathya Sai Orgaisation and resignation of most of its key leadership (including Conny) due to the boy's testimony of being sexually abused by Sai Baba. Despite her constant threats of legal action against myself and Conny, this never came about, though many threats were made and police charges were made against me, all of which the police informed were without any basis whatever. (Robert Priddy) Nothing any of her opponents posted was untrue or contained any libel and all of it was kept within the law. Her confused thinking about sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba are to be seen in her postings made on her website