Cover of video-film by Richard Bock 'The Lost Years of Jesus' On the Richard Bock film, Aura of Divinity, made in the 1970s, the commentator asserts that Sathya Sai Baba has said that he will be reborn as Prema Sai eight years after his leaving the Sathya Sai body. But others (such as former UK Central Coordinator Lucas Ralli - deceased) have since asserted that he has said Sai Baba stated it would be only one year after his death. He has predicted his own death on several occasions – once that he would live until age 92 or 93, then again that he would live to 96 years. He also said he could decide when he would ‘leave the body’ and it will depend on his will in the circumstances. (It so happened that he died aged 84 (85th year) without volition, having been taken away crying for help after he had to have a pacemaker operation following long use of sleeping pills and stimulants, enormous weight loss (under 30 kg's when hospitalized), subsequent organ failure in kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart).

The Hollywood film producer Richard Bock also investigated Mayan, Aztec and Hopi legends, presenting them as predictions of Baba's advent in his film "Sai Baba - In the Light of Prophecy". These are most unconvincing, however, for he simply mentions them as source materials without presenting them properly or evaluating them. This is typical of the major propaganda made by people who should have been professional enough to check their materials properly. But Bock and his wife (both deceased) were completely dedicated to Sathya Sai Baba and liked to live at his ashram regularly, where they owned a small apartment in Roundhouse 1. He was a privileged person at the ashrams, of course, because he made many uncritical films eulogizing Sathya Sai Baba, such as ‘The Universal Teacher’ in parts, ‘The Aura of Divinity’ in 2 parts, ‘The Endless Stream’, ‘The Message I Bring’, ‘His Life is His Message’‘Truth is My Name’ and others.

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