from his Guru Purnima discourse of 2001 (see premsai version http://www.exbaba.com/premsai//05_07_2001%20%28EN%29.htm)
by Jorge Reyesvera and Robert Priddy

"Today man is putting his senses to misuse and as a result his body is becoming weaker day by day. He shortens his life-span by his unsacred vision and by indulgence in sensual pleasures. Lakhs of light rays in his eyes are being destroyed because of his unsacred vision. That is the reason what man is developing eye defects."
(Sai Baba, discourse on 5/7/2001 Sanathana Sarathi, August 2001, p. 226)

Comment: Is this the kind of absurdly non-scientific doctrine that students at Sai Baba colleges have to swallow? So man is developing eye defects and shortening life span … doesn ’t Baba know about the vast improvements in health, life span and eye-care made by science in recent centuries? Age expectancy has risen progressively in almost all countries in the world, notably excepting Russia since the Soviet State fell, when the economy was wrecked and religious freedom was introduced.
Bjorn Lomborg writes in his 2001 book "The Sceptical Environmentalist": "Fewer and fewer people are starving. In 1900 we lived for an average of 30 years; today we live for 67. According to the UN we have reduced poverty more in the last 50 years than we did in the preceding 500, and it has been reduced in practically every country."So, any shortcomings in world health certainly have quite other causes than unsacred vision!

The formerly prominent devotee from Latin America, Jorge Reyesvera - who is also scientifically well-informed -  really nails Sathya Sai Baba on point after point, making it clear that he is a complete bluffer as to his pretended knowledge of science and is also a person whose own words in many ways repeatedly belie the values for which he claims to stand!

I am reminded of how shocked I was when V.K. Narasimhan once remarked to me during a conversation that SSB is ignorant of science and picks up things he hears from people in interviews, then goes out and tells it to students on the veranda, sometimes even getting the facts he just heard distorted or completely wrong! Narasimhan even quoted from his excellent memory several examples for me. I rationalised this at the time in the way that all devotees rationalise many things that do not fit SSB ’s own propaganda by the usual old, "Swami is just pretending. He has some other reason for doing this which we cannot fathom". How trusting can you get? How long can one remain blinded by SB ’s paranormal abilities combined with mostly superficial talk, fickle charm and deceitful behaviour? In my case it was ‘only ’ about 18 years.

 The discourses devastatingly analysed include:
1) Guru Purnima Discourse: July, 2002
2)Mahasivarathri   Discourse: 21-02-2001
3) Sivarathri Discourse: March 13, 2002
4)  Dasara Discourse (6th Day): October 25th, 2001.
5) ‘God has no Specific Form ’ Discourse. Summer Course, Brindavan, 23-05-2002.
6) Discourse: 73rd Birthday
7) Discourse: 19 January 2002.   First Anniversary - SSS Institute of Higher Medical Sciences

Many of the worst blunders and deceits of SSB in the discourses listed above are given  below, with comments by Jorge Reysvera.

SSB: “There is Divinity in every atom. Another name for the atom is God. From the time he was born until he died, Kaanaada contemplated on the atom saying, “Paramanu, paramanu, paramanu (meaning, ‘the smallest particle ’). ” This world could not be seen if the atom didn ’t exist. ”
Comment: The atom is not the smallest particle by far.

SSB: "Without atoms, the world could not be seen. (God is) Smallest in the small, Biggest in the big. (Sanskrit sloka)."
Comment: There are many more things than atoms in the universe. (photons, radiation, neutrinos, loose particles, etc.)

SSB: “There was no sun or moon, no sky or earth and no stars -- nothing at all. All was pitch darkness. However, atoms came very densely together. Due to them coming together, there was intense heat generated. ”
Comment: Physics has demonstrated that in the hypothetical environment of the big bang at the very beginning it was impossible for atoms to be formed. It does not matter how close atoms are, heat is not generated. In the nuclei of the atoms of some elements there is potential energy that can be released through fusion or fission.

SSB: “Due to this heat, an enormous sound came about. ”
Comment: There can be no sound in the vacuum.

SSB: "There is nothing else except atoms."
Comment: There are many more things than atoms, like neutrinos (some scientists think that they account for the majority of the mass of the universe), energy (photons, X rays, gamma rays, microwave radiation, light, etc), loose particles (electrons, protons, muons, etc), space-time, etc.

SSB: “What man should recognize is the form of the atom. If the atom is understood, man will be one who understands everything. The atom only is God. That only is true humanness. That only is the life principle. The life principle within the atom is moving about throughout the world. ”
Comment: Then according to this statement, some scientists are totally illumined.

SSB: “In the evening when I was giving the Valedictory Address, I didn ’t even know what I was saying. ”
Comment: How come that the powerful SSB did not know what he was saying??

SSB: Kaanaada did very great sadhana. Finally he said, “There is nothing else at all. I came from the atom. I should merge again in the atom. ” This means that, as he didn ’t have body attachment; he merged in the atom. ”
Comment: How can one merge in the atom??

SSB “It is not possible to say that this mind is ‘like this or that ’. Therefore, we should not feel that the mind will die along with this life (of the physical body). No matter how many births there are, the mind is God. This mind contains atoms. We should not feel that the nature of the mind, which contains atoms, dies. ”
Comment: But the body that really has atoms dies!

SSB: “Truly, what does Guru Purnima mean? It shows the path, the Divine path, to us. ‘Purnima ’ means ‘the sacred radiance of the full moon ’. What is the full moon? It is the completely full nature of the mind. The completely full nature of the mind, without any spots at all, is observed as the full moon. When the mind has any spot, it is darkness; it won't give bliss. ”
Comment: The moon has many spots, the sun has many spots, so to what does he refer?

SSB "When he went to star Dhruva and touched it, the earth spun. With that he suffered. Though he was such a great scientist, things should be done only as much as is needed; but if it is in excess, a very big danger will happen. ”
Comment: How come that we have not get any of their legacies? And the temperature at a Star surface is very hot (in our Sun's should be at least 6000 degrees Centigrade! 

SSB: “Forget the feelings towards worldly objects (materialistic tendencies). All of these are worldly. ”
Comment: But they are also full of atoms!

SSB: "God is the atom. God is everywhere."
Comment: What happens to places in which there are no atoms at all?

SSB: "The existence of God is visualisized by science in the form of electric, magnetic, laser, radio, heat and light waves, which are all pervasive. This is the direct evidence for the existence of God."
Comment: Lasers were developed in the late 20th century and clearly required human intervention as they do not exist in nature. None of these waves are 'pervasive' of everything. How can electric, magnetic, laser, radio, heat and light waves be direct evidence of the existence of God? At best, they could only provide some indirect and partial evidence.

SSB: "...scientists as well as the Vedantins experienced the same Divine power in different names and forms."
Comment: Science bases its laws on objective and measurable phenomena. Nothing unmanifest can be measured, so it cannot constitute scientific experience.

SSB: "Newton said energy could neither be created nor destroyed. However, energy could be converted from one form to another. Philosophers explained this in varied ways."
Comment: The first published enunciation of the principle of conservation of energy was a highly speculative, almost metaphysical, paper titled "Remarks on the Forces of Inorganic Nature," which appeared in Annalen der Chemie und Parmacie, a chemical journal, in 1842. (i.e. long after Newton was dead and gone!)

SSB: "Doctors are unable to comprehend the secrets and mysteries of the human body. Take, for example, the tongue: There are 40,000 taste buds in the tongue. There are 25,000 buds that generate heat in the tongue."
Comment: The actual organ of taste is called the "taste bud". Each taste bud (and there about 10,000 taste buds in humans) is made up of many (between 50-150) receptor cells. Receptor cells live for only 1 to 2 weeks and then are replaced by new receptor cells. Each receptor in a taste bud responds best to one of the basic tastes.

SSB: "Matter and energy are same: one can be converted to the other. You can change magnetic power to electricity, but you cannot remove the magnetic power."
Comment: A material can be demagnetized.

SSB: "Having started this hospital now in Bangalore, in Whitefield, numerous people and doctors have increased jealousy towards Me. These people with jealousy are also creating a lot of problems. No matter how much jealousy they develop, I will not stop this sacred action. (Applause) What is the result that comes from this jealousy? This makes my enthusiasm increase even more! Their jealousy will destroy them." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: How is that the one who proclaims to be the “embodiment of love ” speaks so harshly? Can he not help them selflessly?

SSB: "However, there have been so many thousands of open-heart bypass surgeries. If the cost of this is considered, it costs 100 crores of rupees every month. (One crore is ten million.) No one knows about this. Why? This is because they are taking medicines for free. They don't know its price. But if the correct value is considered, its cost is one hundred crores of rupees." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: SSB has repeatedly trumpeted the “high cost of the hospital ” so why does he say, “nobody knows about it ”? He speaks as if it were his money, when it really came from donations. And he DOES ask for donations!

SSB: "Whatever paper one is from, write exactly what has happened. It is not wrong. They bring in what has not happened at all and put that in the paper. Only when non-existent and amazing things are put in, they will get more money. Just write exactly what happens. If it is a wrong, write it as a wrong. If there is good, write it as good. Only that; but don ’t mix in what isn ’t there." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: What happens to his own recommendation to say only what is good?

SSB: "I am 76 years old. Up till now I have not met with any newspaperman or TV people. (Applause) I don ’t have any relationship with papers at all. For, if good is spoken, without fail friendship can be made with them. But they write contradictory things." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: There are several well-known interview SSB gave to press people. And SSB constantly speaks in a very contradictory way. Also he previously mentioned specifically two newspapers which wrote “exactly what has happened ”.

SSB: "(Swami ’s voice imitates in a taunting way the sound of people gossiping:) “He came with a pistol near Me. They saw it. ” What lies, just tell! (Laughter) (Swami ’s voice turns louder, accusing and strong:) Was there even one newspaperman there? Who saw? (Swami pounds the table saying:) Why should anyone tell such untruths? No one came at all! Finally, we see that pistol is a gas (air) pistol, used only to shoot birds. When all of it is like this, why such big publicity? This is a BIG mistake." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: Why was it such a big mistake if - as mentioned before - “nothing happened ”. If that was so, why such a strong reaction?

SSB: "Let the paper men think anything. I don ’t get anything out of the newspaper. My paper - my heart only is My paper. From My heart, there is so much Love only: only Love, only Love. (Applause) So I am sharing that Love. Let it be anyone at all: I will share it with all. All are Mine. I belong to all. I don ’t have hatred for anyone. All have only Love for Me. I have Love for everybody. Therefore, Love is the close relationship between both of us." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: Is SSB sharing his “love ” with the newspapermen?

SSB: "...suffering was given to the hearts of how many people? The journalists have succumbed to so much sin! From so many places - America, Germany, Japan, England, telegrams came from all directions. Therefore, none should succumb to so much jealousy." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: Does this suggest that so many people do not really believe in SSB ’s “infallibility ”? Why does he make such a fuss when a simple clarification is all that was needed, rather than a whole public discourse to be widely published? Does SSB really think that journalists whose job it is to follow up news for clarification all suffer from jealousy?

SSB: "...the terrorists are within us. So you only have to kill the terrorist in you. It you don ’t kill the bad qualities, you will become part of terrorism. Kill both this jealousy and anger. This is My desire." (Discourse 19-1-2002)
Comment: So why did SSB allow the 1993 murders to take place in his apartment under his nose, in which persons very close to him were murdered?

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