I have pondered over the consequences of the last years allegations for the Sai empire. Many of Sai Baba´s devotees have left him and those who are his presumptive devotees have many opportunities to read about the allegations on the Internet, before they make up their minds to trust him as their God. When I went to P.N. for the first time 1998, you could hardly find any critical information at all on the Internet.

There has been a tendency for Sai Baba´s empire to increase over the years, with reference to new devotees as well as new investments in different sorts of projects. Just the running expenses for all the existing projects amounts to many crores of rupees, according to what Sai Baba himself has told in discourses. What will happen if people would think once or even twice before they trust Sai Baba as God and give their donations to him?

Is it because of a shortage of money, that Sai Baba now in his own subtle and manipulating ways, are trying to get more attention from his devotees on money matters? I suppose that it isn´t a coincidence that Sai Baba in the last Sanathana Sarathi from February 2003, in his Dasara discourse from 10 October 2002, on five occasions mentions the futility of material possessions and material wealth. A true devotee would indeed be a very stupid devotee, if he didn´t take the hint and understood that he had better offer his extra monies to God (Sai Baba and his Trust.) Robert Priddy has among others written about the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust´s activities and misuse of money (see Sai_finance_and_deceits.html)

These endeavors of Sai Baba to entice and manipulate his devotees have some tricky ingredients and are possible only because his devotees believe him to be God in disguise. Below I have collected some of Sai Baba´s statements from his discourses to illustrate his trickery :

The folly of the pursuit of material possessions and amassing riches:
Once a person was on his deathbed. He was surrounded by his near and dear ones who were wailing over his imminent death. He opened his eyes and asked, "Why do you all cry?" They said, "You are going to leave this world once for all. That makes us feel sad." He realised that all the material wealth he had acquired had to be left behind and he had to go empty-handed. It was then that he realised his folly of the pursuit of material possessions.
In order to fill his small stomach, man is trying to earn lakhs of rupees. Does he make use of all the money he earns to fill his stomach? No. He neither spends it nor gives it in charity to others.” (to Sai Baba and his Trust....)
(from his Dasara discourse from 10 October 2002).

The “bad smell” of materialistic life will only lead you astray:
Until and unless they give up worldly desires, they cannot attain the state of purity. They have become accustomed to the bad smell of materialistic life.
Some people call themselves devotees but they are turning wicked because of their desires. Can such people be called devotees? No. No. If they are really devotees, how is it that they emit bad smell? Their body mind, intellect and their actions are tainted with impurity.” (Here Sai Baba´s tone begins to be a little threatening)
(22 July 2002, International Seva Conference, Prashanthi Nilayam)

Worldly and materialistic desires are the reasons for your inability to get closer to God/Sai Baba:
Truly speaking, man is very fortunate. But he is haunted by the misfortune of worldly desires. That is why he is unable to earn the deservedness to get closer to God.
People today consider money as God..... When you entertain worldly desires, you will be moving away from Divinity.”
(22 July 2002, International Seva Conference, Prashanthi Nilayam)

Worldly possessions are nothing compared with God´s/Sai Baba´s Grace:
There was a rich businessman named Patel in Gujarat..... One day one of his foreign friends came to his house. At that time, Patel was in his Puja room. His friend had to wait for a long time. When Patel at last emerged from the Puja room, his friend confronted him with a question: “Patel, you are having so much money.... You do not lack anything. Then what are you praying to God for?”......
Patel smiled at his query and said, “Sir, I do not pray for worldly possessions because I already have them..... I pray to God for that which is not with me.”
His friend was surprised. He asked, “What is it that you do not have?” Patel said, “I lack peace and love. They are with God only. I pray to God to grant me peace and love.”
One can earn and acquire all worldly possessions by one's own efforts. But one cannot earn peace and love from the world. God alone can grant them.”

(Comment. Your money is nothing compared to the love and peace Sai Baba can grant you - if only you pray to him and understand that you had better offer him your extra monies.)
(Dasara discourse from 10 October 2002)

Sai Baba himself needs no material wealth:
I am not asking you to work for My sake. I do not want anything for Myself from you.I do all My work Myself. I do not seek others´help.”
I never solicit any donations from anybody.....I need no material wealth. My only need is love.
(I suppose then that all the pomp and show and tinsel in his ashrams are just for the fun of his devotees and he is himself materializing all the money???)
(22 July 2002, International Seva Conference Prashanthi Nilayam)

Sai Baba and his Trust are undertaking so many welfare activities:
(And these welfare investments are only for the needy and weak ones. And what can be more heart-breaking than orphaned children? Not a word about the misuse of money and all these expensive, luxurious and pompous buildings and cars of his. Obviously he prefers the image of the rescuer of the poor ones, as this will probably increase the generosity of his donors.)
Our country, Bharat, has earned the appellation Annapurna (Goddess of food). In such a sacred land, how can we remain a mute witness to people dying of hunger and poverty? Hence, I decided to undertake a project under which poor children who lost their father, in some cases both parents, are adopted and provided the basic necessities of food, raiment, and shelter...
The children are being looked after very well....... Every day, the children are brought here in a bus for Swami's darshan. They are extremely happy. (I don´t think they are so happy after having lost their parents..) All of them are learning the Vedic mantras even. Whenever I ask them, "Are you happy?" they say, "Yes Swami. When You are looking after us like a wish-fulfilling tree, how can we be otherwise?
(Certainly   they didn´t express themselves like that! It is Sai Baba´s own invention!) They are so happy because they are being looked after with love.(We can just hope for their sake - if they are boys - that this love is of a Platonic and non sexual kind.)
"Money cannot give such happiness. In this manner, we are performing many sacred activities. I am not interested in publicizing them." ( Then what is his motive for doing that in this way?) Some people may not believe this, but I am not bothered. I will not give up My resolve. We should serve the poor and needy.”
(22 November 2002, Convocation discourse, Prashanthi Nilayam)

Sai Baba never asks for even a single paisa from others:
I have never asked anybody for even a single paisa. You are all aware of this. I do not involve Myself in money matters”. (but he talks a lot about it)
If only I Will it, the whole world will help Me.” (Of course they will; which true devotee can resist the Will of God?)
(22 July 2002, International Seva Conference Prashanthi Nilayam)

Sai Baba calls attention to the Sathya Sai Central Trust as a model of honesty and throws suspicion on the other parts of the Sathya Sai Organization; probably for the purpose of directing presumptive donations to himself.
Some people are doing business in the name of Sai. They are cheating others, pretending to be devotees of Sai. I do not approve of such behaviour.....
But unfortunately, such activity is on the increase. In many villages, we find people misusing the name of Sai for their selfish gains. This is happening even in many other countries like America, England, Japan, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. (where most of the rich donors live) Do not associate yourself with such wicked people....... Almost 90 percent of the so-called devotees are, in fact, deceitful.......
I am deeply anguished over the current state of affairs in our Organisation.
” (I always thought that Sai Baba was the embodiment of peace..)
(22 July 2002, International Seva Conference Prashanthi Nilayam)

(Surely it would be much more safe then to give your money directly to the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust):
All these years, I have been personally supervising the day-to-day affairs of the Trust....... My boys always speak the truth. They will not utter a lie, even for fun. They will be conveying the message of truth in the afternoon program. They are young in age, but they are very efficient in their work. They are taking keen interest in the activities undertaken by the Trust. They are propagating Swami's message all over the world. I am extremely happy that these boys have come up well in life...... You do not find mismanagement of even a naya paisa. They are very honest. Every paisa is accounted for. They are endowed with noble qualities, good habits and ideal character.
(You can confidently entrust your money to these saints!)
(10 September 2002, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Prashanthi Nilayam)
Åsa Samsioe