Directly recorded notes from Prashanthi Nilayam - 1998

Transcript: At benches by 13.59 - hardly anyone there.
Met the Spanish airline pilot from Brindavan '94 - he's been here continuous but for one visit to Spain. He said my book was very good - but couldn't get any more copies - (Chris Parnell also said my book was very good today). Sat beside a young Indian whose back I learned was broken - a fall from the roof of Dharmakshetra in Bombay! He had felt something 'great' was about to happen to him!
Comment: Very telling instance of how Sai devotees make everything to be a positive result of Swami's will. This chap was obviously a Sai worker on the temple building. He did not get any help for his back from Sai Baba or his health workers, as far as I know. Such is life in India, grin and bear it!

Heard from Spanish ex-pilot that baba has allegedly predicted an airline stoppage worldwide at beginning of November (probably only for a few days - as Swami has invited many to visit on His birthday - 23rd Nov.)
Comment: This 'allegation' was so much reported by interviewees that the magazine 'Sai Impressions' printed the information. . The airline stoppage never occurred, but Sai Impessions were forced to remove the article. To save money, they covered it over with a pasted paper in already printed issues... so it became widely known anyhow. (See more precise details here)

It is clear from the feedback, both mundane and otherwise, that my next task is decided - to write the 'Sequel' book - with all stops pulled out (and good starts put in!)

Comment: In the event, the next book I wrote really did have all the stops pulled out in a way I did not conceive at all at the time I wrote the above! Later, in interview, Sai Baba told me, in answer to my question, to "Write, write. What you are doing is right!" So much for his vaunted foreknowledge, for it's title became "End of the Dream"

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