Directly recorded notes September 1990 at Brindavan (Whitefield - by Robert Priddy)
see scan below text

Transcript: 10/9/90 Morning darsan While waiting for the chairs to arrive, Narasimhan came up and said "Ah. Here is my long lost fellow soul" He wanted to comment on my book - and he also told about his unusual states of consciousness of 'glasslike' transparency he had on two occasions (when the doctor was called & "some kind of insomnia" diagnosed) The second state (June 1960) lasted longest (on his 3o yr wedding anniversary) The first occurred on the event of his mother's death (in 1950s sometime). He recounted many of his exploits again.
I also was introduced by him to V. Balu (author of "Glory of Puttaparthi" etc.). Swami came by us an gave short smiling nod.

Comment Mr. Balu soon showed what an arrogant person he is by some of bhis comments. Later I watched him use his VIP status walk to the very front of a long queue of mostly poor Indians waiting a long time for a small handout of some snack blessed by Sai Baba as 'prasadam'. Narasimhan was wanting him to promote my book about Sai Baba, but I avoided him after hearing him and seeing his behaviour. Actions speak far louder than words - Indian VIP Sai devotees often behave imperiously like that, including the Western ones like Dr. Hawley and his cronies!

Visited N. around 3 pm in his large, spacious flat inside the Trayee Brindavan complex (Pipe burst in bathroom!). He expounded long and often most interestingly! Told of his dreams/ of Sandweiss & Russians episode/ of his problem in the Sai Pub. Trust etc./ and his earlier (pseudo-) presentiment of death this year.
Comment: I detailed most of this in other pages

VKN Sandweiss

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