Priddy: origins in Priddy village likely

In the 18th century, Priddy of Stratford had a large family. His name was said in the family to derive from the village he came from in Somerset, Priddy, which is very ancient. To one of his sons, H.E. Priddy, another son was born. H.F. Priddy, who was the father of R.C. Priddy. There is a branch of Priddy's which left for Virginia in America before the union. There are many descendants with he Priddy name in the USA.

The internet shows widespread use of the name of Priddy. Much of this occurs because a fanatial cyber-troll called Gerald Moreno, whose attempts to defame Robert Priddy after he became an outspoken critic of Sathya Sai Baba, who Moreno defends as a divine incarnation (vishvarupa) and all of whose critics he attacks relentlessly with smears and character assassinations. This he has done daily for years throughout countless web pages, blogs, bulletin boards, comment postings and many other outlets in an attempt to swamp the Priddy name on the Internet's search engines.

An overview over Moreno's cyber terrorism is found here.