This newspaper recorded what was being said about Sathya Sai Baba by close servitors after his secret rooms were opened and his hoarded treasures discovered. The statues found were of massive silver. There are various reason to think that Sai Baba did take to praying to deities to save him. He was very confused and clearly senile at his last birthday celentration where he wept on camera. When he was removed to the hospital to which he had goven his name, he had reportedly cried out for help as if he were being taken away against his will. He certainly knew he was failing badly - not just having been wheelchairbound for several years, but also suffering from chronic sleeplessness (and being administered sleeping pills by Sathyajit) and he had lost a huge amount of body weight (finally weighed under 30 kg). Seeing his death was probably near, he seems to have reverted fully to his villager awe and superstition (well knowing himself not to be god!) and cried out to deities to save him!

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