Sai Baba cartoon
Grand Ol' Oprah or Sai Baba

'Seduced by Sai Baba'     SBS (Special Broadcasting Service), Australia -
[ Thursday Febuary 12 2004]
8.30 pm:  SBS: Sri Sathya Sai Baba is an influential Indian guru who looks like an older version of Guy Sebastian, or perhaps Larry Fine of the three stooges. Sai Baba is revered by millions of devotees around the world – particularly in Denmark and enjoys the devotion of various prominent identities, Goldie Hawn and Duchess Fergie among them. Hardly a platinum endorsement but it helps at the box office and revenue streams from Baba's acolytes are substantial, enabling him to construct a lavish ashram at Puttaparthi with its own well-equipped economy. But is he the real McCoy or just a cheap conjurer with a fierce desire to interfere with young male followers in the houses of the holy? Sai Baba’s claimed miracles are revealed by a magician to be clumsy illusions and there's lacerating testimony from former disciples who relate their feelings of disgust and bewilderment after having been sexually molested by the predatory pedophile and then offered cheap wristwatches to buy their silence. Perfect masters thrive on disasters. Very grubby stuff indeed!                           
Doug Anderson

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