Who directs the soliciting of money for the Sai Org.? In this connection, when Sai Baba asked Central Coordinator for Japan, Hira, ' Who is your guru?' Hira answered 'You, Swami'. "No!" said Sai Baba "It is Indulal Shah!" (Hira reported this himself in some material which was circulated internally in the Sai Org.). Who was Indulal Shah to be a 'guru' for Hira? Well, he was the Chief Accountant of the Central Trust, a Maharastran ex-politician 'godfather' with sworn follower families throughout the international Maharastra diaspora, many of whom crave office as Sai Org. leaders, national chairmen, coordinators etc. (too often for only the sake of status and priviliges etc.). Shah nominated his cronies to many posts around the world organisation. He even scotched Sai Baba's attempt to disband the Sai Org. and sack him totally in 1989 or so by getting his many cronies to send reports to himself, (not to the ineffective Hejmadi at Central Office as Sai Baba laid down). Thorbjørn Meyer (deceased) of Denmark was Shah's right-hand man in Europe, and much mistrusted and disliked.

With then International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organisation, Indulal Shah's signature and backing, The Japanese Central Coordinator Hira became the chief international promoter of the scandalous 'currency of love' share investment scheme in the late 90s. He toured USA pressing leaders and devotees to buy in (Rita and Robert Bruce honourably told me this and how they hated it!). The investors paid in foreign currency for investment in rupees on the Bombay Stock Exchange. They were guaranteed 5% return on their money, while the rest (supposedly 5% or more at the time) would go to the Central Trust. Not only did many investors lose though the regular devaluations of the rupees, but there were problems if one wanted to export the money from India due to their strict currency and anti-profit restrictions.It turned out to be a financial fiasco and devotees were then asked to sign over their shares to the Central Trust. Whether anyone ever got a refund of any money is not known (it is definitely 'not done' to mention - let alone complain about - such things in the Sai Organisation, of course, for it might reflect badly on the unstoppable, victorious Divine Mission!)

Here are scans of documents sent to all centres and groups in the Sathya Sai Organisation world-wide to try to get people to buy shares in India. In addition to the official documents, a letter by Mrs. Reidun Priddy (Oslo Centre Seva Coordinator) and the reply to this by the then European Central Coordinator, Bernhard Gruber of Germany.

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