Sai Baba gives darsan at Kodaikanal, 1994
Sathya Sai Baba with ladies at Kodaikanal

Sai Baba giving vibuti at Kodai, 1994 - phto by Robert Priddy
Sai Baba giving vibuthi to lady, Kodaikanal, 1994 Click here

Sai Baba darsan at Kodaikanal, 1994
Darshan on the men's side - morning

Sai Baba darshan, Kodai - 1994
1994 - Kodaikanal (morning) darsan

Darsan scene, Kodai, photo copyright of Robert Priddy

Sathya Sai Baba usually gave darshan twice daily, but mostly only once in the morning when 'on holiday' at Kodaikanal. Read more about the ashrams here

Darsan 1994 by Sai Baba; photo by Robert C. Priddy

Waiting outside the compound at Kodaikanal for the gates to open
Waiting in the 'darsan lines' to be let into the Kodaikanal compound
Aweaiting entrance to Sai baba's 'holiday home' for darshan to commence
Ladies queuing for entry to the compound for Sai Baba darshan

Men waiting for entry through gate to darshan compound
Men's side - waiting for gate to open - 1994 Kodaikanal asrham

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