Posted on the Internet in 1999 by the 'teeth-clacking medium' and Bhuvaneshwar fanatic

May 9th: Sai Baba is on 60 Minutes TV show! (from Michael in San Jose, California) Sai Ram,
I have advance word that Swami will be featured on the American TV show, "60 Minutes" on May 9th. Isn't that a nice day, the 9th?
It will supposedly be an incredibly awesome story. (Of course)
It may be the biggest Star Wars (movie) tie-in in history, since Star Wars episode 1, the Phantom Menace is coming out on May 19th, and since Swami is The Force in human form.
I also have advanced word that Swami will open the Patal Bhuvaneshwar cave for auspicious health boons. The Sai devotee that Swami has running the show in Patal Bhuvaneshwar in the Himalayas (UP), Major General Taylor, was told by Swami that he was really Lahiri Mahasaya. I believe that Major General Taylor will become fully Lahiri in May.
I got 3 boons from Lord Shiva in that cave and I soon will have absolutely awesome health for life. No joke. I have been on and off ill for the last 10 years, and soon I will never have another serious illness in my life.
One of my gifts from Lord Shiva is that I will be a "Positive Feedback" channel for God. If you have a question, God (Swami) will answer via clacking my teeth. One clack means the answer of "God". Two clacks is for "True" and three clacks are for "Triple Avatar" or in some cases "Trinity".
For example, I am now asking the question: is Swami going to be on the best news show in the world, "60 Minutes" on May 9th? God clacked my teeth twice.
So I say, "Two for true, God says it's true".
Swami is going to be on "60 Minutes" on May 9th! Nice, huh? Positive feedback from God can be very awesome!!!!! :) Thanks, Swami!
When I was at Shiva's temple cave in 1995, Major General Taylor told me that Swami told him that Patal Bhuvaneshwar would be a "mecca" for people the world over to come and receive Swami's grace. Health will happen in abundance.
Boons will be mentioned in some small or big way on the 60 Minutes show.
Tell your Sai brothers and sisters and your centers to watch. Could someone also please notify the Sai organizations, especially Michael Goldstein and Bill Harvey, or whoever's heading the American Sai organization now.
Jai Sai Ram, From: Michael in San Jose, California

Comment on the above was made on a 'politically-correct' Sai website:

May 9th 1999 Came and went and there was not a sight of Baba on 60mins. Once again, many people were misled by one childish, clever and mischievous Clacking Teeth devotee. This devotee claimed that Lord Sai Baba spoke to him through his teeth. What a big joke! And for days he kept insisting that he will be proven right. Now he is PROVEN wrong.

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