'Om' - a U.S. lady Sathya Sai Baba devotee who became a sannyasin and has lived in South India for decades

Barry Pittard, who knew Om well, wrote of her "a former student in violin, submajor singing, at Julliard School of Music. Living around SSB since mid sixties. Has a unique passport for permanent residence in India, obtained by a female friend of hers, a UN diplomat. Om is one of the great renunciates, and a woman of incredible courage, decency and resilience."

My wife and I also knew he, as did several of our former devotee friends. She was a very open person, rather strange both in appearances and her views on life. Eileen Weed (aka' Divya') has posted references to her as taken from letters Divya wrote to her parents about life in Puttaparthi.
Here is an excerpt from them:-

US Sai Baba devotee 'Om' & her head injury

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