The former Chief Justice of India, P.N. Bhagwati has had to admit that he made a "mistake" in a famous case concerning habeus corpus which the New York Times referred to as the Supreme Court's "utter surrender" to the absolutist government of Indira Gandhi during the 1976 Emergency, thereby showing himself to be a conniving manipulator in India's broken democracy.

"Sai Baba, my god, dictated my every single judgment". (or read scan of article at foot of this page). An unquestioning devotee of Sathya Sai Baba for decades, Bhagwati showed himself to be a willing puppet of the self-proclaimed Godhead Baba, sacrificing his personal integrity, not least in conniving with politicians and the judiciary to protect Sathya Sai Baba from any form of prosecution for sexual offences or shared responsibility for the murders in Sai Baba's apartment in June 1993. This he was able to do since many of India's judiciary were already enthusiastic Sai Baba worshippers. Together with the government of the time (under Narasimha Rao and Home Minister S.B. Chavan), he was a key player in the cover-up of the ghastly executions within the Puttaparthi fiefdom where Sathya Sai Baba was the ruler. He manipulated the Supreme Court judges to throw out in peremptory fashion the affidavit-backed petition to the Supreme Court presented by Kamini Jaiswal on behalf of Hari Sampath, a former security official at the Sathya Sai Baba ashram. He later actually admitted to his lacking judgement in rather relying on his sworn God-guru, Sathya Sai Baba, for his every action and decision for decades!

See Sai Baba's Bhagwati shows total disrespect for justice.
The Prime Minister A. P. Vajpayee was joined by Bhagwati in publishing a signed proclamation denying the widely testified long-term sexual abuses of young men by Sathya Sai Baba. No evidence was produced, no investigation of any kind was carried out but dissidents with their evidence and affidavits were castigated in that infamous document (see the facts here). Only after Sai Baba's death did he let the cat out of the bag, as if hoping to be forgiven for such harsh repression of democracy! He was further deeply involved in dark doings by the Sai Central Trust involving the covered-up facts about the death of Sai Baba, who was evidently disconnected from life support on Easter Sunday (having planned it all in advance). Bhagwati also was co-responsible for the directly illegal appropriation (regardless of the family) of the hoards of wealth kept privately by Sai Baba - all in direct contravention to the rules of the Central Trust.

P.N. Bhagwati -Sai baba worshipper and puppet

India's ex-High Chief Justice, P.N. Bhagwati, makes public apology

Lack of supportive comments suggest that Bhagwati has no vocal supporters, no doubt because of the unprecedented contravention of justice he displayed and his mendacious replies about the murders, about which he most definitely knew full well, Bhagwati has no vocal supporters. As a former director on the Board of the Sathya Sai Central Trust (he resigned late in 2013) he should have had a round figure as to the trust's assets... but he claimed ignorance! Former security official at Sai Baba's ashram who became a whistle-blower, Technology and Management Consultant Hari Sampath, petitioned to the Supreme Court against Sathya Sai Baba. For the plaintiff was the famous lawyer Kamini Jaiswal, whose case was rejected out of hand and the evidence destroyed by court authorities. This was no doubt so as to hinder foreign embassies, such as the British Ambassador from finding out the existence of the case. However one vital copy! was retained. Sampath later posted the following questions to Bhagwati, (but no answer was forthcoming):-

Mr Bhagwati, I have some questions for you, although from your interview I have already got all answers. I had given a formal complaint to the CBI against Sai Baba in March 2001, and moved the Supreme court of India through a Public Interest litigation under article 32 of the constitution (hope you remember this PIL law as you were the one who initiated it). From your responses it is very clear you have no respect for the law or the constitution, and you clearly state that any man/woman "revered" by millions as divine should not be investigated for any crime. Have you heard of the legal maxim "Justitia non novit patrem nec matrem; solum verrtatem spectat justitia. (Justice knows neither father nor mother; justice looks to the truth alone.), or for that matter "audi alteram partem" ( hear the other side), which are the basic pillars of natural justice ? If you have a case before you with even eyewitnesses who say Sai Baba raped a young boy , and if your judgment is " what is the point of investigation, as I think he is god"...I think you must be locked up in a lunatic asylum. When the whole world is aware of the fact 6 murders took place in Sai Baba's bedroom in June 1993, you- a Sai Baba trust member, who had extensive confabulations with the then home minister SB Chavan to close the case, now claim " I was in Delhi and am not aware of it, I don't know" you must either be delusional or a fraudster. Shame on you Bhagwati, its a national disgrace that you were Chief Justice.

This surely deserved the comments it received from the public:

P.N. Bhagwati showed signs of having lost his way since his Lord and Master is no longer there to tell him what to do, as he claims Sai Baba did in every detail. Further, many devotees often claimed he used as mystical way of communicating with people through dreams, visions, voices heard and so forth! Bhagwati's tearful talk to his interviewer showed emotionally instability and his statements indicate cognitive confusion and instability too. Worst of all, India has had to live under his corruption and all that of Sathya Sai Baba for decades. They have left behind an Augean stable that will take decades to clean up, if then!

A good friend of mine, a high-achieving Indian gentleman living in Europe from a prominent Indian political family whose name is withheld due to persecution of prominent dissidents by Indian authorities, wrote to me after the exposure of Bhagwati in the Indian press:

"Corruption by an ordinary man may have some impact on the whole but when a judge is corrupt he does much too much harm. Having met several supreme court judges and conversed with them I found most of them corrupt, confused and conceited. When I met them I just observed, listened and  suspended judgement; now, on hindsight, I can say that these are corrupt men. The following quotes help to substantiate my statement. Whenever I met Justice P.N.Bhagwathi  he always talked about Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, who I am convinced was a criminal and a psychopath. With judges and politicians in your pocket you could do anything in India, but apparently perhaps not anymore!
However, I met one truly upright, innocent and fearless judge : Justice H.R. Khanna, the man mentioned in the afore-mentioned article. He had only the money that RBI granted as travel allowance, when I noticed that he was upright I provided him chauffeur driven car for the whole day,  introduced him to the director of Indian Tourist Office and told that gentleman to take him to a good Indian restaurant that evening. I treated him with the respect I would offer my parents and my beloved teacher.
He was genuinely egalitarian and was free of cultivated modesty or that conceit which is a disease among our  judges.  He treated my chauffeur with respect, a very unusual thing for an Indian."

The huge contravention of justice Bhagwati displayed, and his mendacious replies about the murders about which he most certainly was well informed as every close servitor of Sai Baba was informed. As a very long-standing director on the Board of the Sathya Sai Central Trust he should have a round figure as to the trust's assets... but he claims ignorance.  Further, and yet worse, he knows that there are no special interests behind the allegations of sexual abuse because they came independently for a dozen former foreign followers who were abused, according to their sworn testimonies! That he never told a lie must be his ultimate public lie.

Sai Baba my God dictated my every single judgement - former chief justice of India, P.N. Bhagwati

Bhagwati on Sathya Sai Baba - interview continued

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