by Robert Priddy

In an update given as 17 March, 2006, three Australian Sathya Sai Organisation web pages which defamed and without any evidence falsely accused Barry Pittard of "phone conversations and communications through electronic devises to members of the Australian Sathya Sai Organisation" were covered up. They were originally posted in 2003 by Mr. T. S. Ramanathan, then Central Coordinator, renowned even in the Australian organisation as an autocrat. Those libelous notices remained on the Web year after year, (see Litigation to expose Ramanathan's empty bluff and lack of an evidence would have proved prohibitively expensive, as he obviously knew. Sinking to a further low, Ramanathan published Pittard’s address on the Internet (one which any citizen has a right to keep private if he or she wishes). These and other offensive 'release' pages made under Ramanathan's leadership and signed by him - which came up in search engines under various key terms - evidently became a liability for the Australian Sathya Sai Organisation under its new leadership, who now try belatedly to cover up their Organisation's unconscionable threats. Ramanathan is also one of the many international leaders of the Sai Organisation who have suppressed accounts of anguished individuals - then in perfectly good standing as devotees - who reported criminal offences by Sathya Sai Baba to a leadership derelict in the duty of care.

However, those pages backfired badly. Many inquirers, including journalists who subsequently reported adversely to Sai Baba and his cult, easily saw Ramanathan's ploy as a bully's attempt to frighten and silence Barry Pittard's criticisms. Along with many formerly long-standing devotees worldwide, journalists and other investigators have demonstrated the need for proper investigations to be made into the allegations facing Sai Baba and his leaders.

Far from contacting various Sai devotees (as Ramanathan alleged without proof), Barry Pittard had succeeded in getting the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide and his associates to cancel the Sai Organisation’s booking for its national conference in April 2003. He had also ensured that several religious and civic leaders who were invited to attend, including the Prime Minister of Australia, were given access to highly credible witnesses to the facts about Sai Baba and his cult. The high profile invitees thereafter declined to attend, and South Australia’s leading newspaper reported the story:   See . (Further, Ramanathan knew all too well that Pittard had also been active in Australia in convincing the Vice Chancellor and other authorities of the University of Flinders, South Australia, to withdraw a joint delegation with UNESCO to a large Sai Baba-inspired conference at Puttaparthi in September 2000).

The chronically dead serious, boring Australian website replaces the original threatening pages with a lame tongue-poke at those most likely to access them. The substitute page is also captured and shown below (just in case they also soon get erased, whether by "the Omnipotent Swami's grace" or the webmaster of This is yet another of their cover-up attempts (but foiled again), though of course this is far less serious than the cover-up of the massive and widespread sexual allegations and murder involvement suspicions against their self-proclaimed 'God Incarnate' and 'Deity of all deities', Sathya Sai Baba.

It is also worth noting that the Australian webmaster's new message accurately reflects the belief actually held firmly by most Sai Baba leaders and followers - namely, that no blade of grass stirs without "Swami’s Grace"! However, the three original pages constructed to prevent normal downloading - were nonetheless copied and so are still on-line at! See Proposed Civil and Criminal Actions from Crimes Act Notice to Barry Pittard from and Civic Class Action Notice to Barry Pittard from

Further, on the substitute pages a false 'BACK BUTTON' (see below) is shown which the webmaster has deliberately made so as to obstruct and 'trap' visitors! All very Graceful indeed (but no page has 'PACKED ITS BAGS AND GONE TO PRASHANTHI NILAYAM THE TAKE THE DIVINE GRACE' Such pure baloney)!

To the Sai Organisation's authoritarian disgrace (and Sai Baba's impotent Grace) the obstructive Australian substitute page is captured here:-

Not least, the Australian Organisation has erased a webpage which was critical of some of its practices (under Mr. T. Ramanathan's leadership) by one of its respected members, Alfred Barelds (However, the original page was saved and can be seen by clicking on Typical censorship, as not a single word of dissent, however mild, is ever allowed to stand anywhere where the Sathya Sai Organisation can decide! See also Re 'Statement by Alfred Barelds regarding SBS Transmission.
A failed attempt by T.S. Ramanathan to silence the Australian media company SBS was also erased from the Australian website, but can also still be seen click here
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