A distorted 'vision of Sai' was sent us in an e-mail from as follows, "... see for yourself the enormous control that this being has on the planet"

"Sai Rules the World" One may not believe it, but this is what many devotees I have met actually believe. His hagiographer Rita Bruce, who holds seminars around the world with her husband informing followers without their 'privilege' of access to Sai Baba (which is very limited anyhow), actually believes he personally controls every single event in the world! Because Sathya Sai Baba has put this delusion around in various announcements he has made about the world coming to his feet, the world already becoming one big Sai Organisation and so on. If he were an avatar controlling the planet, how could he be making such a pig's breakfast of the job? India is one of the most truly terrible places on earth for its huge number of children in the slavery of prostitution, unstoppable epidemic of AIDS victims, bonded sweat-shop labour, for its vast number of paupers and illiterates still being driven to city slums for sheer survival.

The corruption was enormous. Sathya Sai Baba could not even slow down India's huge and ever-increasing military spending (eg. by 28% in 2003 for its nuclear war capacity alone. In 2015 it was 2-6% of GDP at reached US $40 billion ). Sathya Sai Baba had no effect on its rulers' greed - and they were and remain his public devotees! They stashed away in Swiss banks an amount of money at least equal to the country's entire national debt, according to his own statements at a private dinner attended by a former friend of mine, Mr. V. Ramnath of the Indian Administrative Service! There he told this IAS official that he had told the Prime Minister and the President not to make so many super-expensive state visits with huge convoys of vehicles and hundreds of Black Beret commandos wherever they went. But, said Sai Baba, they go on doing it and do not listen to me. Since then, India's has increased its defence budget to a whopping $38.6bn in 2012.

Worse still, Sathya Sai Baba evidently could not control his own sexual appetites... and anyone who wishes to know the facts should confront Mr. Al Drucker with questions as to what he has told privately about distraught parents of US devotees who visited him in his rooms at Prashanthi told him about their sons' being sexually assaulted by Sathya Sai Baba. Add to that the damning testimony which no one can doubt is genuine given by the Rahm family and Mark Roche on the BBC film 'The Secret Swami'. While boasting that the Central Trust is beyond all suspicion, Sathya Sai Baba was unable to stop the many financial kickbacks and embezzlements that took place under his nose by Col. Joga Rao, Mr. Suri, Mr. Narayanan, and various others who he had sacked from the Central Trust or other offices within his outfit some months after the disclosure announcements. In short, Sai Baba had little or no control over anyone who did not do what he told them, even in his own ashrams and certainly not among the great majority of his blind followers.

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